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It is our aim, together with our customers, to exhaust all possibilities in order to be able to carry out injection molding and tool construction orders successfully. From development to production, we accompany you through to the perfect product.

Short decision-making paths are our plus. Each of our long-term employees identifies with their work and contributes their know-how to the order. These are the basis for the competent and flexible execution of your projects.


Almoplast AG, Spritzguss und Werkzeugbau, Uster works with regional suppliers wherever possible.


We are constantly learning ...

But that also requires feedback. We look forward to hearing from you what you like and what you think could be done better. In this way, we are constantly developing for the benefit of our customers! Try us!


In our small but fine injection molding and toolmaking company in Uster, we produce injection molded parts according to your wishes. With injection molding machines from 22t to 60t clamping force, we produce batch sizes / series of 100 - 20,000 pieces with part weights of 2.5 - 100gr.

In cooperation with our in-house toolmaking department and our long-term partners, all known mechanical processes can be carried out for you.


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