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Tool making machine park

F he following tooling machines have come in use:

AgieCharmilles FORM 20
Agie Charmilles Form 20 erosion machine

T he FORM 20/30 generator, produced in Switzerland, ensures continuous pulse optimization, which reduces electrode wear and ensures fast process control.

Max. Electrode weight Max 10KG
Load capacity in the magazine max. 50KG
Electrode height. Max 150 mm
Dimensions of the ring-shaped electrode Max 150Ø mm.
Height of the workpiece max 270mm

Milling machine with Digital Mikron WF2SA

H eidenhain Aktiv - digital display
Stepless feed
Coolant system
Traverse paths X / Y / Z 420/250/345 mm
Speed 50 - 2240 rpm
Recording ISO 40
Vertical / horizontal quill extendable
Dimensions approx. 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.6 m

Milling machine with Digital Mikron WF3SA

Anufacturers: Mikron

  • Type: WF3SA

  • Travel XYZ: 500-500-380mm

  • Spindle mount: Iso 40

  • Spindle speeds: 50-2240

  • Table size: 700x400mm

Drilling quill Iso 40
Heidenhain digital display
Automatic feed and rapid traverse on all 3 axes
Coolant pump

Milling machine DMU 50T
DMU 50 T

Universal milling machine with up to five axes for everyone

Lathe cycle-controlled
Gildemeister NEF 320
Mazak lathe

The Mazak lathe is still ideal for smaller conventional turning jobs.

Lathe hamlet intern

One of the best-selling and most popular conventional precision lathes impresses with:
• Sophisticated technology
• highest accuracy
• Longevity
• Tried and tested ergonomics
• Smallest space requirement
• and extensive accessories.

Proven for decades in the production of individual parts and small batches, in trade and industry, training and further education, tool and fixture construction.

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