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Injection molding machine park

F he following injection molding machines are with us in action:

Sumitomo intelelect 50 370-250.PNG
Sumitomo IntElect2 50 / 370-250

The new fully electric “IntElect”: more compact, more dynamic, more precise, more economical and more efficient. The newly developed generation of highly dynamic drive motors gives the new IntElect top performance and an excellent energy balance

Technical data IntElect 50/370 Sumitomo (SHI) DemagIntElect 50 / 370Type designationIntElect 50 / 370-45IntElect 50 / 370-80IntElect 50 / 370-110IntElect 50 / 370-180International size specification500-45500-80500-110500-180Locking unit50 / 370Locking force [kN] 500/550 Opening path, max. [Mm] 300Tool installation height, min. [Mm] 200Tool installation height, max./enlarged [mm] 410 1) / 510 Plate spacing, max./enlarged [mm] 710 1) / 810 Tool clamping plates (hxv) [mm] 520x570 Clear column spacing (hxv) [mm] 370x370 Smallest permissible tool diameter (k) [mm] 200Max. Tool weight / moving clamping plate [kg] 780/500 ejector travel std./enlarged[mm ]90 ejector force / retraction force [kN] 25/25 drive type clamping unit direct drive drive type ejector belt drive

Injection molding machine
Ferromatic Milakron K 60

Injection molding machine (60 t)
Category: Injection Molding Machines
Manufacturer: Ferromatik Milacron
Type: K-TEC 60 E
Closing force: 60 t
Auger: 25 mm
Stroke volume: 49 cm³
Dimensions: Weight: 3 t

Injection molding machine

Injection molding machine BOY 60 E

BOY 60 E with servomotor pump drive

The new injection molding machines of the E series are top products. Thanks to the servo-motor pump drive, they are superior to comparable products from competitors. We have succeeded in achieving or even surpassing the positive properties of electromechanical machines while eliminating their disadvantages.


Injection molding machine

Injection molding machine BOY 22

Proven construction

The BOY 22 and its predecessors established the BOY success story. Since 1968, more than 25,000 machines of this series have been used worldwide in continuously improved and more powerful versions. This proves the high level of acceptance of this design, which has been perfected down to the last detail.

The BOY 22 is characterized by maximum reliability and extremely low hourly machine rates.

The extremely compact injection molding machine with a footprint of just 1.85 square meters has a free-standing clamping unit for easy accessibility and individual extensions or automation equipment. The structure is simple, clear and ergonomic.

Two different sizes of injection units with a total of six different screw diameters offer a very wide range of individual equipment variants

Injection molding machine
Injection molding machine BOY 35 M
Highest precision

The BOY 35 M is a four-bar screw-piston injection molding machine with a two-platen clamping unit. With the torsion-resistant locking system and the high performance of the injection unit, the well-proven injection molding machine is particularly suitable for the production of precision parts in tight tolerance ranges.

Compact dimensions

With a footprint of less than two square meters, the BOY 35 M is not only the most compact injection molding machine in its class, that too

Six sizes of injection units with six different screw diameters enable the individual adjustment of the machine performance depending on the requirements.

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